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26 Beautifully Organized Bookshelves to Inspire Your New Year’s Resolutions

There’s nothing like a new year to motivate us to be more organized. We’ve rounded up bookshelves that are both beautiful and organized to inspire your bookish resolutions for 2021. Happy organizing!

1. Serene Beauty

Books are beautifully organized and displayed on this eye-catching white bookcase.

2. Artful Books

The combination of books and artwork make for a stylish focal point in this room.

3. Airy and Open

Open shelving doesn’t have to look messy. It just takes a little creative organization, like on this beautiful bookshelf.

4. Vintage Display

Old books deserve a showcase all their own, and these colorful beauties are a bibliophile’s dream.

5. White on White

The neutral tones and variety of textures draw your eye to this well-organized display.

6. Front and Center

The pleasing symmetry of this bookshelf makes it easy to group your books according to subject.

7. Cooking the Books

Finally, all of your cookbooks in one place, organized and at your fingertips!

8. Color-by-Book

Too many books for one shelf? Try organizing your various bookshelves by color.

9. Vertical Style

Throw out the TV stand and install a wall of bookshelves to hold all of your entertainment. The ladder is a must for those tall shelves!

10. Simply Arranged

The secret to an organized and tidy bookshelf is to avoid overcrowding the space. A shelf like this would be perfect for your to-be-read books.

11. A Book in Every Hue

This bookshelf works because it’s so carefully organized by hue, making for an eye-catching display.

12. Bookshelf at Capacity

There isn’t room for even one more book on this wall of open shelves, but that’s OK because it’s neat as a pin and most inviting!

13. Books Cubed

The square compartments on this wall of bookshelves keep everything neat.

14. Book Aspirations

Tip for keeping your books organized: Have enough shelves for a book collection that’s twice as big as what you have now. It will take a long time for this pretty bookcase to look messy and stuffed.

15. A Different Angle

Towering pile of books beside your bed? This slanted shelf gives you a convenient place to neatly store books up and out of the way.

16. Still Life with Books

Organizing in style doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. A few white shelves and decorative brackets and this wall is transformed into a beautiful and tidy space.

17. Rainbow of Books

Organizing your novels by color is a fun and easy way to get a big bookcase like this into shape.

18. Hallway of Shelves

Wasted space in a hallway makes for a great place to organize your book collection.

19. Divide and Conquer

Children’s books out of control? Can’t find a favorite book? Make dividers and alphabetize them, library-style!

20. Floating at Your Fingertips

These floating bookshelves are perfect for organizing books in small spaces.

21. No Wasted Space

These under-the-stairs bookcases are a lovely, easy-to-organize focal point.

22. Glorious Books

For the book lover who believes there is no such thing as too many books, a neatly organized wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling bookcase is a dream.

23. Bohemian Beauty

For the boho book lover, these well-organized shelves are a perfect fit in this eclectic setting! 

24. Color Pop

A few pops of color make for a delightful surprise when admiring these floor-to-ceiling bookcases! 

25. Booked All Night

With so many gorgeous and organized bookshelves, why would we ever want to get out of bed? 

26. Time to Unwind 

Beautiful oak bookshelves, overhead light, and a comfy chair that encourages browsing are a perfect fit in a tight space! 

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